Two secret agents. One fedora-wearing sidekick. A spectre. A fat but wise and creepily all-knowing chipmunk. Candy Land. These are just a few of the unpleasant delights awaiting you….

An introduction by The Lady:

Elevenses is an adventure, a quest, a comedy, and a parodic stew.  It is a collaboration between two writers whose identities must remain anonymous, for security reasons.  Here you will find an original adventure — a story of daring exploits, strange happenings, complete idiocy, and a hefty dose of authorial insanity.  There are also enough references to pop culture, not-so-popular culture, and caricatures of recognizable characters to teeter on the precarious edge of blatant rip-off.  But we like to call it “paying homage” to rather than “ripping off,” and we hope, dear reader, that you will enjoy this little foray into insanity. And don’t trouble yourself with the details.

An addendum by The Gentleman:

I would like to preface these documents by stating that I have no knowledge whatsoever of how we came into possession of the information on which they are based. For all I know the characters are entirely fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. But if anything illegal was done in the writing of the following, I’m sure it was The Lady’s fault.

Onward to the Beginning of the Adventure!